plastic girlie thingies

I, wandering night
          with your fallopian handbag

broken-strapped and sagging
               would cry a purr electric

(if it mouthed, or mouth your blow-up doll
               is wicked
               with my fuck [and twice as plastic]

sloth-sucked, kneeling for the diocese
          from innocence this fragile state
                    of hedonism

                    or wait

this last confession is in limbo
          with broken
flagging down an empty street
               to taxi
                    to man in the seat of my body

with his eyes set on your purse

               would he make a mockery
                    of suffragettes and freedom

blessed be?     

Or coolly smile-wink

          want some candy, little girl?

cruise control

A nightmare against third plug-in of female corpse
from me fledgling shit waste effluvial matter
comment contorted (it's converted) which was never to
be fighting for local clitorides bondage scum is
essentially the threat of starting bonds the threat of
drill bit miscarriage loving long time mechanical meat
the adze pulsate automatic spastic palm tool priapus
God in me drawing hammer/sickle from communist
attention detection of fetal interplay carrion mouth
wreck car crash twisted Ethiopian squalor belly
bulging praise flesh and grandma who never suck
swallowed whipped cat-o-nine thrice times flog sweet
boys who fight for countries who don't need fighting
to be a gun up Kurdish battle in mime format at the
local Bat Mitzvah where Jews play harp twiddle thumbs
into difficult choices umbilical representation
smother mort overdrive necromancing vacant vaginal
cavity swine drive home big daddy