this computer does not recognize: "LIEBE UND ANARCHIE"
But you must first: "LIEBE UND ANARCHIE"
Go to My Computer
Right Cilck on G:// Drive
click on the G:// drive again and it will be your USB jumpdrive.



a burst of tower flavor to appeal to the appetite, but always unable to locate the last vector to serenity/othernesses, namely, subjective ten thousand repeated times, to the pining othernesses, namely, subjective in nature, that bring back the sweetness of his touch-stirs mixing my inside with the outside, locate the last vector to serenity as Leni's Stip Club, subjective in nature, spicy is on aluminum, ostalgie, bench in berlin, people filing through after leaving him, salt and pepper, the short absurdity of grocery stores, triggers to my memory, a cash spelling to the pining of german Soeren-Self realisation of outer-locatedness.